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Unit #34508/34509 – Capacity 675 cfm @ 125 psi – AirTek coalescing/particulate compressed air filtration package

One  Parker AirTek compressed air filtration package, includes two main system high flow compressed air filters. designed to be installed and mounted sequentially with the particulate filtration first as the prefilter (3 micron rated), then the coalescing filtration installed as an after filter designed and rated for minimum .03 micron contaminant size removal including oils for vital filtration requirements. Each filter includes a differential pressure indicator and uses a replaceable type element. The coalescing  uses and includes an automatic type drain.



Model Parker Airtek ACE-675-2F particulate filter & Parker ACE 675-2H coalescing filter Horse Power ---
Voltage --- Refrigerant Type ---
Pressure 150 psi Capacity 675 cfm
Stock Number #34508 & #34509 Year 2017
Warranty yes Cooling ac


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