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We work with quality manufacturer brands. To view all of the brands we resell, click here.

Do you provide compressed air equipment for residential customers?

We do not provide compressed air equipment for residential customers and applications. Our focus is on manufacturing and industry with some commercial applications included depending upon the circumstances and compressed air needs.

What size of compressors do you provide?

Our focus is on compressed air equipment ranging from 50 horsepower on up to 600 horsepower.

Do you sell new compressed air equipment?

At this time, our focus is quality, pre-owned compressed air equipment. We would be happy to refer you to local distributors when seeking new equipment.

Are you able to do conversions from air cooled to water cooled or vice versa?

Inquire within regarding conversions. This is a significant undertaking, and we work with reputable reliable sources that have in the past successfully completed conversions for us, but there are dependencies and variables that make each job unique. We will work with you on finding the appropriate and most effective solution for your business requirements. Contact Us for more information.

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